Not To Be Trusted With Knives

As you know, I’m a fan of the Egg McMaster1. I often buy them for breakfast at the caf at work2 when I’m too lazy busy to make breakfast. And, being vegetarian, I always get mine with no meat, but a slice of tomato instead.This week, however, held a surprise for me. The caf changed its menu and, in the process, eliminated the “no meat” discount. I’m now expected to pay the same price as someone who is getting bacon, sausage or ham on their E.M. When the cook informed me of this as she was making my breakfast,I asked why that was. It hardly seems fair that I’m paying for meat that I’m not getting. And she said, “Yeah, well, customers were getting away things. You are getting a slice of tomato and those extra ingredients cost money. Getting away with something.” Ignoring theinaccuracy of pluralizing “ingredients” inthat sentence, I said, “Yeah, but a slice of tomato doesn’t cost anywhere near the same price as meat!” She shrugged dismissively. So I asked, “And if I don’t get the slice of tomato, are you going to give it to me for cheaper?” I get a resounding “no” in response. And then she gives me a very, very undercooked Egg McMaster. Homemade Egg McMuffin

Photo by Mike Monteiro

Remind me not to argue with someone who is making my food, even if I am right.

1As a public service, I am pleased to report that Googling “Egg McMaster” now yields 10 hits, up 4 from the last time I blogged about this. Granted, two of new hits are my blog about Googling “Egg Master” both on my old blog site and on my new blog site. And one appears to be in a .pdf in a different language ((EgG): McMaster-Verfahren). But there is now a photograph of a bonafide Egg McMaster right here on the internets! Granted, it kind of looks disgusting, but trust me – food of the gods.
2They don’t call it an Egg McMaster, but we all know that’s what it is.

{February 6, 2008}  


So I finally got my UBC Faculty card. Isn’t it pretty?

Are you thinking, “Hmmm, that photo looks familiar?” Rather than going into the Bookstore and having them take a mugshot for the card, which invariably turns out terribly, I selected the option where you can upload a photo that you already have. There are a bunch of requirements for what makes an acceptable photo: I needed a photo that’s not bigger than 3 MB and 120 pixels x 160 pixels, with a white background in which my “shoulders squared to the camera.” Photoshop took care of size requirements and creating a white background, but I discovered that I don’t have many photos with my shoulders squared to the camera. At least not ones that I look good in. Not that I wasted over an hour picking a good photo. How vain do you think I am?

The photo I ended up choosing is from Shalu & Deepak’s wedding. I kinda like that I am wearing a sari and some serious bling in my Faculty card photo.

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