Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 5, 2008}   It’s a good thing I have nice underwear

When I got home today, my landlord informed me that the furnace had broken down today and so he’d had to call a furnace repair person to come and fix it.  Since I live in the basement, the furnace lives in my kitchen and that meant that they had to enter my apartment to fix it.  The thing is, I did laundry yesterday.  And when I do laundry, I hang up my delicate clothing to dry.  I hang them, for the most part, in my kitchen – on my kitchen chairs.  So my kitchen was covered in thigh highs and panties.  The repair person was gone before I got home, thank FSM.

Stacia says:

Did you make sure that all your pretty things were still there? You never know, the repair guy may have a fetish for stuff like that!

Beth says:

LOL. Actually, the landlord made a point of telling me that he stayed in my apartment the whole time to make sure nothing was stolen. At the time, I hadn’t thought that he meant my pretty undies, but now….

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