Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 5, 2008}   I can haz Flickr photoz?

While searching through Flickr for some photos with Creative Commons licenses to use in an online course I’m developing, I came across this photo, which totally cracked me up. (Hint: that’s a picture of Ivan Pavlov):

Photo by Naufragio

I also noticed during this search that a hell of a lot of people have named their dogs and cats “Pavlov.” Also, a lot of mofos put up pictures of spiders and tag them with innocuous words like “Pavlov” or “baby.” Which means innocent Flickr searchers, such as myself, end up looking at photos of spiders against our will!

Also, I found this image during my Flickr travels. I can’t remember what I was searching for, but I can assure you it was a totally legitimate search.

Photo by procsilas

When I got home today, my landlord informed me that the furnace had broken down today and so he’d had to call a furnace repair person to come and fix it.  Since I live in the basement, the furnace lives in my kitchen and that meant that they had to enter my apartment to fix it.  The thing is, I did laundry yesterday.  And when I do laundry, I hang up my delicate clothing to dry.  I hang them, for the most part, in my kitchen – on my kitchen chairs.  So my kitchen was covered in thigh highs and panties.  The repair person was gone before I got home, thank FSM.

Photo from Flickrby The Rocketeer4
The radio station that brought us the videoclip of which we dare not speak is now having a trivia contest. Well, they always have a trivia contest in the mornings1, but now they are having a special one throughout the day2. The idea is that the contestant competes against one of the station’s D.J.s and if they get the answer right but the D.J. gets it wrong, they get to go a party and maybe win a car and a trip to Cuba. There’s even a quiz on their website that you have to complete to qualify3. And recently I heard two callers who were unable to answer the most basic questions.

Case #1:

Question: What is a geometric figure with 5 sides called?

Answer Given By Idiot Contestant: A triangle.

What?? Seriously, how is it possible not to know that a triangle has three sides??

Case #2:

Question: What was the last province to join Confederation?

Answer Given By Idiot Contestant: Quebec.

I’m sorry – are you serious??? Please hand in your Canadian citizenship immediately.5

1Called “Stump the Show”
2Called “Are You Smarter Than a Fox Jock?”
3I just checked out the online quiz and it appears that you can try the quiz as many times as you like until you get the answers right. Which may explain how these contestants are getting through.
4Word up for Creative Commons licenses
5For my American readers, I’m not sure how up you are on Canadian history, but Quebec was one of the original four provinces in Confederation (along with Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). Not knowing that Quebec is NOT the last province to join Confederation is kind of like not knowing that the sky is blue.

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