Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{January 12, 2008}  

The class I’m teaching is a nutrition course. The classroom is in one of the engineering buildings. As I was setting up my laptop for my lecture yesterday, with the students from the previous class filing out of the room and my students filing in, one of the students from the previous class came up to me and asked bewilderedly, “What class is this?”

“Nutritional Assessment,” I replied, somewhat confused as to why he looked so confused.

“Oh. It’s just in engineering classes there aren’t usually so many…” His voice trailed off.

“Ah. Not usually so many girls. You are wondering where all these women are coming from!”

* * * * *

Overall, the first lecture seemed to go well. It was waaaaay too short, as I suck at estimating how long it will take me to present stuff. But it’s not like anyone is going to complain about leaving early on a Friday. Plus, it gave students lots of time to come up and chat with me, which several did. I love to see that kind of enthusiasm for learning!

Since this was the first class, it was just introductory/refresher stuff, so I was able to get through the material at a fairly rapid pace, as it wasn’t the first time most of the students had seen this stuff. I’m hoping that I was able to convey my passion for the material by the high energy style. Or something like that. All I know what the I was fucking exhausted by the time I got home!

The rest of the classes will be more challenging, as more of the material will be new to them (and to me!).

{January 12, 2008}   First Day of School

Picture it, a few years from now:

Person 1: UBC, 2008. You were in my class!
Me: I was your teacher.1

Just like when you are a student, being the instructor brings up all the same insecurities:

  • Will I know enough? Have I forgotten everything I’ve learned before?
  • Will the other kids like me?
  • What will I wear?

I had the last one covered at least2:


May I direct your attention to my shiny new boots, which I bought to replace my beloved old boots, but that I can actually wear to such things as work and teaching, unlike my new eBay boots.

1Good old ’80s (or was it ’90s) TV commercials!
2My head is cut off in this photo because I looked terrible! My face looked fat (because I wasn’t doing my patented head tilt) and my horrible teeth were showing.

et cetera