Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{November 29, 2007}  

I hate numbers. I hate crunching numbers. I hate writing reports, with minuscule page limits for the actual report and multitudinous pages of appendices, to be submitted in triplicate.

I am SO glad that I have vacation days next week! You have NO IDEA how excited I am about that.

Also, I don’t care what my waistline says, I need a mocha. NEED!

So, they unveiled the 2010 Olympic mascots yesterday and the general sentiment I’ve been hearing is one of three things:

  • they have nothing to do with Canada – there’s no maple leafs/beavers/loons/moose
  • they have nothing to do with Canada – they’re “too Asian”1
  • what Olympic mascots?

But I don’t care what the naysayers are saying2. I like Quatchi.

Quatchi is a young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada. Quatchi is shy, but loves to explore new places and meet new friends. Although Quatchi loves all winter sports, he’s especially fond of hockey. He dreams of becoming a world-famous goalie.

Dude, he plays hockey! And I think he’s cute! And he’s from the “mysterious forests of Canada.” *I* live near a mysterious forest! Maybe he lives in my ‘hood!

Although I do have to agree with Darren that if you go to the official site and hear the mascots say their name, which you do by mousing over the characters, it’s a bit freaky. I like to run my mouse across all of them really fast so that they keep saying their names over and over in quick succession. It’s kind of psychodelic.

Apparently, I need to get out more.

1Seriously, I’ve heard that a lot – listening to open phones on the radio and reading comments sections on online new stories.
2Or naysaying, as the case may be.

et cetera