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{November 9, 2007}   Hockey Terms That Sound Dirty

Listening to Canucks games on the radio, I’ve noticed quite a few terms that the commentators use while describing the game that sound dirty1, including:

  • “he’s got good hands”
  • “he stuffed it in”
  • “poke check”
  • “making moves”
  • “gets his stick in there”
  • “scoring”
  • “two on one”
  • “hitting from behind”

Any other ones that I’ve missed?

1Proof, yet again, that I have the sense of humour of a 12-year-old boy.


Darren says:

My favourite has always been:

“He couldn’t get it up (over the sprawling goaltender).”

Jorge says:

You forgot “dipsy doodle” and “pulling the goalie”.

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