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{October 24, 2007}   My Latest Publication

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest study!


Click here to read the whole paper (.pdf).

Seriously, you want to read this paper. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s even got pictures or, as we science-y types call them, “figures.”

Rebecca says:

I bow down to your superior knowledge! Can I get a copy of this for our reference collection?

Lynn says:

Excellent correlation however how would your future studies account for older test subjects not raised with Sesame Street, not good with math, but did think the Count is still a creepy (afraid) character. This still appears to follow your testing parameters. Willing to participate in future studies.

Beth says:

Rebecca, yes, please do include this masterpiece in your library’s reference collection. It was in no way fraudulently made to look like it actually appeared in Nature, you know, just for the record.

Lynn, thanks for the offer to participate in future studies. A bunch of calculator-head stats people have suggested they would like to see the study replicated with a larger number of subjects. Your case (i.e., not being raised with the Count, but discovering your fear of him later) suggests that a Countphobia gene and math-liking gene are closely linked – perhaps we could get a DNA sample?

Stacia says:

Wow! If I ever need to write a dissertation, I’m coming to you for help, because you are obviously a pro. I don’t remember liking the count, and I don’t like math either. Maybe there is something to it.

Raul says:


For some reason I hadn’t visited your blog in a while. This post made me remember why I love it 🙂

Kalev says:

Okay, I FINALLY read this… I love that all males are good at math: great finding! So obviously true. 😛

I trust that DJG came up with the hypothesis AFTER the research was conducted, much like the research practices of Muff Master 2000. You should definitely make this clearer in your subsequent projects. 😛

And I nearly died about your opening assertion that the children are our future. It took me a bit to get the reference (didn’t look at the References section initially) but then the wording finally hit me. But is the children learning?

Overall, an amazing foray into the murky waters of math-aptitudity.

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