Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{October 12, 2007}   Palmasutra

Yes, it’s what you think it is. And it makes a great conversation starter, like when you are out for dinner, out clubbing on Saturday night or around the water cooler at work: “Hey, what did you do this weekend?” “Well, let me show you!”

Exciting features include:

  • full colour pictures of each position
  • detailed description of how to do the position, in case you find the pictures confusing
  • checkboxes to keep track of which positions you’ve tried
  • note pages to record important information about each position (like, “tried this with so-and-so,” “I <3 this position,” and “causes serious injury; do not attempt”
  • searchable by posture (including “standing,” “sitting,” “kneeling,” “from behind,” and “preliminaries”)

The Palmasutra – d ownload it to your Palm Pilot today!

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