Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{September 29, 2007}  

My friend James sent me a link to this over msn:

Do you think he’s trying to tell me that I’m the prettiest girl in the whole wide room, or definitely in the top three good looking girls on the street, depending on the street?


Kalev says:

That kinda looks like Heather Graham…

I love that line “You could be a waitress…” because in Vancouver, that’s actually true in some of the trendy spots–you do have to be a model, especially if you’re a woman!

As for what was trying to be said… well you are more than definitely the most beautiful girl on your street, and on most streets. But happily you do not look like a prostitute, not even a part-time one. 😛

Brian says:

This post sent me off an a rather lengthy Flight of the Conchords YouTube expedition.

I had many other more important and less amusing things to do. Thanks a lot. (I’ll let you decide whether or not I’m being sarcastic.)

Beth says:

I get to decide? Sweet! I decided that you are not being sarcastic at all. So “you’re welcome!!”

Brian says:


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