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{September 26, 2007}   Feast or Famine Part Deux

Not unlike how I went from having no jobs to having three, I went from having no hockey team to being on two!

UBC had announced in late summer that two of the ice surfaces at the torn-down-but-being-rebuilt-for-the-Olympics Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre were ready to go and so there would be rec hockey, but only a limited number of teams could join. And, as such, only teams where the majority of players come from a single group (be it a faculty, a club, a fraternity or sorority) would be allowed to register on a first-come, first-served basis. And being that one of my three jobs is teaching at UBC, I would actually be allowed to play in the rec league1! Unfortunately, although we tried to do some recruiting, it didn’t look like we could find enough players from my old Faculty to reunite my old team and, in the meantime, I was invited to join a team that plays in Coquitlam. But now it turns out that UBC Rec let my old Faculty join up with the Faculty of Forestry, as both Faculties are very small, to make a team. So now I get to play at UBC too2!

Hopefully all this hockey means that I will be in somewhat reasonable shape to run that half marathon that I’m not training for3.

1Although I am only teaching from Jan to April, so I’m really hoping that they don’t tell me I can only play during term 2!
2Provided, of course, that they count me as a staff member for the year, even though my course doesn’t start ’til next term. Fingers crossed!!
3Weren’t you supposed to be berating me to ensure that I stick with my training program? Shame on you!

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