Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{August 14, 2007}  

How the hell did it get to be this late already? I’m yet again too tired to do anything but phone it in, so today I’ll share with you the best lines from the speeches at Erika & Paul’s wedding:

  • “I’d like to thank Erika’s six concussions.”
  • “Paul, I’m really glad you asked me to be your girlfriend. On our first date.”

And here’s a photo, ‘cuz photos make the blog entry longer, so it looks like I wrote more. Worth a thousand words and whatnot. This is me and Erika. I have straightened hair and fancy dress. You can’t really see Erika’s dress that well in this photo, but it was very, very pretty!


This photo is notable in that it is one of the few photos of me & Erika in which Erika actually has her eyes open.

Beth sleep now.

Kalev says:

Ha ha… Beth sleep now!

You is tired. Night night.

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