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{August 1, 2007}   Don’t Simpsonize Me

As pretty much everyone already knows, you can go to Simpsonize Me dot Com, upload a photo of yourself and viola, there is a Simpsons character that looks like you. Here’s the thing though – it doesn’t look like you. It pretty much spits out a completely generic male or female character (depending on if you told it you were male or female), and they you can change the hair/clothes/etc. to try to make it even somewhat resemble you. The options are so limited, however, that even after your tweaking, it won’t.

Case in point – this is supposed to look like me:

me as a Simpson
Really, not so much. It resembles me in that it’s a girl with shoulder length, vaguely-reddish blonde hair. Highly disappointing.1

Compare this, however, with the South Park me I created years ago, on the South Park Create a Character site:

It’s like looking in a mirror!

1Come to think of it though, the last time I turned into a Simpson didn’t work out so well for me either.

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