Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{July 31, 2007}   Pierre Chretien

I was just reading this article on the Global TV website and was looking at the “photo gallery” of the “10 Worst Canadians,” as voted on by any jackass with Internet access. When I got to #6 in the photo gallery, I noticed this oddity:

[Click on the pic to see it in its full-sized glory]

Pierre Chretien1? Really, Global TV? Really?

You seriously need to fire your editor.

1For the benefit of my American readers, the man in that photo is Jean Chretien. He was our Prime Minister for just over a decade (Nov 1993 to Dec 2003). Certainly long enough for us to have learned his name.


Anonymous says:

Wow. To find out that you’re the sixth worst Canadian ever, AND that no one remembers your first name…That classifies as a really bad morning.

Kelly says:

Oh no! Now we’re as bad as those shows “Talking to (Americans/Youth/Whatever angle they’re trying to spin)”!

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