Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{June 17, 2007}   Watch These Videos

These videos show what it would be like if shopping in the real world was like online shopping. Good for a chuckle.

Plus, by linking there, I could potentially win a gift certificate. And you know I likes me some free stuff. Plus, I know the guy who plays the search engine and the homepage.

4 intrepid young women.



Drive 230 km.

To buy 7 pairs of shoes.

50 points to the first person who correctly identifies which 2 of these are mine.

1for a recounting of what happens in Seattle when I don’t avoid the 151, see here.

{June 17, 2007}   Shout Out to Alain

Friday, as I got onto the bus that would take me to my softball game, the bus driver said, “Nice shirt. Why are so many people wearing Canucks shirts today?” “Because Alain Vigneault won the coach of the year!” I replied. I have no idea if this is why other people were wearing their ‘nucks gear that day, but that was why I put on my stick-in-a-box retro logo shirt!

Of course, Roberto Luongo was robbed of both the Hart Trophy and the Vezina. But don’t you worry, Bobby Lou. You’ll get ’em next year!

{June 17, 2007}   Ponderings

Why is the plural of “practicum” not “practica”?

Why can you say that someone was “nonchalant”, but you can’t say that someone did something in a “chalant” manner?

Why, no matter how many times I look up the definitions, can I *never* remember what “hegemony” and “heuristic” mean?

How long can I continue to use the excuse that my place is so disorganized because “my roommate just moved out, and I haven’t yet had any time to reorganize my stuff since she left”?

et cetera