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{June 13, 2007}   Dropper of All Things Valuable

I was talking to my sister today and she was telling me about how she really wants an iPhone, but she is hestitant to get one when they come out since she is “dropper of all things valuable.” I think this trait must be genetic, because I am also a DoATV. I drop my iPod on a regular basis (thank dog for the protective rubber case I have on it). I’ve dropped my digital camera a couple of times (always onto my carpeted floor though, so it’s been ok so far). I even dropped my beloved new phone on the bus the other day (can anyone say “heart attack”?)! And then tonight, I broke the pot for my coffeemaker! Now, that might not seem to meet the V requirement of DoATV, especially when you consider that I had partially melted the handle of that pot in a previous episode of airheadedness, wherein I had left it sitting on the oven and then turned on the wrong burner1 when I went to cook something, resulting in fire and melted plastic all over the stove. And so the handle was only very tenuously attached to the pot itself and I was pretty sure that I would one day spill a pot full of boiling hot coffee all over myself. So really, it’s probably better that I knocked the pot off the pile of dishes in the dish drying rack, as opposed to getting third-degree burns over significant portions of my body. However, it does leave me in a bit of a predicament. I have a perfectly good coffeemaker, but no pot in which to make said coffee. What’s a girl to do? Can you replace the coffee pot? I mean, you’d need to get the exact right model, or it wouldn’t fit. But do they sell just the coffee pot part? If so, where? It would seem quite environmentally unfriendly to trash a perfectly good coffeemaker and get a new one just because you went and smashed the pot. People of the internets, I need your help! What do I do??

Also, on the topic of my airheadedness, I lost my key no fewer than once per day for the last three days. On Sunday I went for a run and so I had taken my key off the keychain to carry it in this little wrist band keyholder thing I have. I returned home from my run, absentmindedly put my key down and went about my day without thinking about it again until I went out. At that point, I checked my purse to make sure I had my keychain, which I did. But I had forgotten that the key was not attached to the key chain. So I locked myself out. Had to borrow the landlords’s key to get back in. Spent hours looking for my key. Which turned out to be sitting underneath my laptop the entire time. *Sigh*

Oh man, it’s so late right now. I’m up way past my bedtime. I have to be up in five and a half hours. And, of course, I won’t be able to make myself any coffee in the morning!! Arrgh!

1I constantly, despite my best efforts to avoid it, turn the wrong burner on. If I want to turn the front burner on, 9 times of out 10 I’ll turn the back burner on. I believe I suffer from stove dyslexia.


Sarah says:

It is a TOTAL pain to try to find a matching pot, especially for an older model.

I would case 2nd hand stores for one that matches, or use ebay. Was the one you used to have (the one we used when I was out the most recent 2 times) Danielle’s? Because my parents used to have the same one and I bet that they still have the carafe.

Beth says:

Ya, that one was Dani’s. Mine is a Phillips one that has an alarm, so I was waking up to freshly made coffee. Those were the days! Today I had to hit up the Timmy Ho’s on the way into work.

Ebay is a good idea, as is the thrift stores. But not sure how long I can wait to drink my delicious fair-trade, organic Bolivian coffee!!

Kelly says:

Can you contact the manufacturer?

I too suffer from stove dyslexia! It is a source of humuliation for me, and humour for Richard.

Let’s start a group!

joder says:

I’m seconding sarah…get thee to a Goodwill.
I break coffeepots all the time, and although Canadian Tire sells replacement carafes, they’re like $15. When you’ve paid three times what you did for the coffeemaker, you know you’ve a DoATHV. I eventually gave up and got one of those metal stovetop ones. Indestructible.

Jay says:

I’m a dropper too, and for that reason I am no longer allowed to own or handle anyone else’s valuables, except testicles, but they’re attached.

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