Not To Be Trusted With Knives

  • Finger 11 is from Burlington, Ontario. I grew up in the town next to Burlington. That means we are practically related.
  • You can buy Smirnoff Ice in a can.
  • The Croatian Cultural Centre has the worst acoustics in the history of the world.
  • Winnipeg produces good bands. At least, one in particular – Inward Eye. They had the combination of hot boys, good music and an insane amount of energy on stage.
  • Cute boys travel in packs at concerts.

{May 14, 2007}   Pacific Spirt Run 2007

IMG_1737You know what I think is a good idea when your foot is still sore from last week’s half marathon? Pop an ibuoprofen and an acetaminophen and run 10K through a tree root-infested, rock-laden forest path. You know it sounds like a good idea.

This marked Dani’s first ever race where it wasn’t raining. Of course, the majority of it was in the forest, so you didn’t really see the sun until the end, when you were already overheated. But then it clouded over right away so that we could freeze post-race. Good times.

I finished the race in 58 minutes, 47.8 seconds (pace = 5:53 minutes per km)* – 489th out of 924 runners (113th of the 283 females in my age category (20-39 years)).

As I mentioned before, I was on the Brain Research Centre team. The team was put together by a woman in, not surprizingly, the Brain Research Centre, and people just invited others until we had a team of 10 (the minimum needed to make up a team for this race). I only knew one person on the team, a member of my former “sort of” lab**. We had two strange coincidences on this team… first of all, my friend who had invited me to join the team just got a new summer student working for her… and it turned out that the summer student was on our team, having been invited to join by her sister, who is in the BRC. And then at the post-race brunch, I was chatting with another guy on the team and it turns out that his wife is a woman who works at the same centre as me, with an office across the hall from mine. Small. Freaking. World.

I would also like to say that I really liked my bib number, which was 742. Seven is cool, ‘cuz I was born in ’77 and everyone knows that the meaning of life is 42. I think the only bib number cooler than mine was this one:


You can’t read it from here, but he had written on it: “I run like the devil.” Too clever!

*For comparative purposes, my pace on the half marathon was 6:50 mins per km and I came in 410th out of 626 women in my age category (30-34 years).

**I call it my “sort of” lab because although I didn’t technically work in that lab, we collaborated with them and did a lot of our lab work in their lab space. A super fun lab… I still go to all their parties.

So, I think I’m going to join the 21st century and get a cell phone. Now that I have a paycheque coming in, I can actually afford one. And since Dani is moving back home in just under two weeks*, I’ll be paying for the landline all by myself. So I figure that I could just cancel it** and get a cell, and use Skype for my long distance stuff.

But I’ve never had a cell phone before, so I’m really rather clueless. Any suggestions of what a good company is for getting a not-too-expensive plan? I don’t want anything fancy – although I would like to be able to talk a lot and not have to wait until after 9 pm to do so. And one that has decent coverage in Vancouver. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

* =(

**Although I think that I might need to have a Telus line in order to keep my Telus internet. Does anyone know if that’s true?

{May 12, 2007}   Paralyzer

The other day, Dave lamented that he and Sarah had only been to six concerts since they’d moved to Ottawa, which was about 2.5 years ago. It got me to thinking, “hey, I think I’ve only been to like 6 concerts. Ever.”* I think that means I’m not very well versed in the music scene

  1. Billy Bragg – at Ontario Place, with my sister
  2. Barenaked Ladies – at Canada’s Wonderland, with Sarah and I believe Dave was there too, and some other randoms.
  3. Depeche Mode – again, at C’s W, with Sarah and I remember Carlene being there and possibly Jen W. and other assorteds.
  4. Jesus & Mary Chain – at some warehouse-type place (wait, was it called “The Warehouse”? Goddamn, I have a terrible memory). With Sarah’s then boyfriend and her ex-bf’s brother. I know, Random with a captial R.**
  5. Green Day – GM Place. Don’t even get me started on the f’d up circumstances that led me to see this concert. Good show though.
  6. Sloan – at the Commodore Ballroom, with Jason #2. That’s right, I said it.

Well, I’m going to see Finger 11 at the Croatian Culture Centre on Monday, which will bring my lifetime total of concerts above Dave‘s 2.5 year total. So at least that’s something.

*Sarah, my personal historian, please correct me if I’ve forgotten any. I discovered I don’t need a memory of my own because I have a Sarah.
**Allow me to emphasize here that these first four were all when I was HIGH SCHOOL. And I graduated from high school over a decade* ago!!

Does anyone know of a women’s recreational ice hockey league in Vancouver?

You may remember that, back in the day, I used to play hockey on a rec team at UBC. I haven’t been able to play this year because (a) I’m not a student anymore, but more importantly (b) they tore down the rink. And since I had zero money for so long, I didn’t even think of trying to find a new team to play on this past season. Hockey, after all, is not a cheap sport in which to partake. But since I have this new fandangled thing called a job where they (much to my surprise) keep putting money in my bank account EVERY TWO WEEKS (!!), I figure I can afford to get back to the sport I love. Unfortunately, I have been having no luck finding a league in Vancouver. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I have no car, and so would need to find a league that I could get to by bus*. But Google has not been of any assistance in that regard. Boo Google!! So I figured I should start asking around. Good people of the internets… little help?

*well, I suppose I could car pool with someone if I found someone who lives near me and has a car. But that seems to me to be something that would be even harder than finding a league!

{May 11, 2007}   Much Overdo Blogroll Update

So, I updated my blogroll for the first time in a million years. Ever since I started using Google Reader, I don’t use my blogroll. However, I decided that I really should be giving the peeps I read some link love, so added in a bunch o’ blogs to my friendly neighbourhood sidebar.

One blog in particular that I’m very excited about reading* is my cousin, Lori’s, and her husband, Eugene’s, new trip blog. They are adopting a baby from China and have decided to start a blog to chronicle their trip to go there to pick her up. I think it will interesting to read about how things go!

*This is not to say that I’m not excited about reading all of your blogs! Because I am!

{May 11, 2007}   The healing powers of magic

My foot appears to have inexplicably healed itself. This morning on my walk from the bus stop to my office, it hurt as just bad as it has the past three days. Usually it is fine when I’m sitting (with it elevated) at my desk, but hurts as soon as I get up and take a few steps. But on my lunch break today, it occurred to me that it had stopped hurting. Completely.

Now, I’m not sure how exactly this happened, but I have three equally viable hypotheses:

1. Hockey tape. The lovely shiny black heels that I bought when I first got my job have not been fairing well. In fact, the little rubber thingys* on the bottom of the heels had completely worn away within about two weeks of me buying them. Like, worn away so completely that the metal post** inside the heel was poking out of the bottom. I’m too cheap to take them to a shoe repair place (they only cost $30, so I can’t bring myself to spend any amount on fixing them) and I’ve been meaning to do a homemade repair job on them for ages. This morning, before work, I finally got the trusty old hockey tape out and put a few layers on the bottom of each heel to replace the aforementioned thingys. And now, after a few hours of wearing them***, my half-marathon foot injury has miraculously abated. Clearly, hockey tape has magical healing powers.

2. Alternatively, Shalu is magic. Shalu and I met up for lunch (as we work at the same site) and had gone outside in search of free veggie dogs, cake and chips.**** And it was while we were outside that it occurred to me that my foot wasn’t hurting. Clearly, either hockey tape, or Shalu, is magic.

3. Or, there is a synergistic effect of hockey tape + Shalu that is magic.

Of course, given the fact that my coffee ground vomitus-inducing stomach troubles also mysteriously cleared up with no help whatsoever from the medical profession*****, there is the possibility that the lab accident with the nuclear radiation, the genetically-modified spider, the particle physics machine and that goo from outer space has rendered me an invincible superhero*****, but I think there’s really just an outside chance of that being the case.

Update: I had written the above on my Palm Pilot, sitting in a coffee shop on Dunbar Street after work as it was far too sunny and nice to be at home. I thought it was a nice posting – brief, to the point, pithy. Yes, pithy, as in of, like, or abounding in pith. And accurate. And then life sent in a monkey wrench, as life is wont to do. In order to post this, I had to come home and sync it to my computer (as I don’t have wirelessness on my Palm). Coming home involves walking down a stupid hill (and just ask Kelly abou that hill!). And now my foot hurts again. Not a lot, but a bit. Boo-urns.

*I have no idea what the correct name of those thingys are. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

**Did you know that there is a metal post inside of high heels? I had no idea. Hadn’t really thought about what would be inside the heels, actually.

***Yes, I decided to wear my heels today, despite having an injured foot. Don’t judge.

****There was a celebratory BBQ at our work site where free food was given out. Good times.

*****No caffeine! As if!

******or super villian.

{May 10, 2007}   Webcams

This is me and my neice, chatting on the webcams.

She was telling me about her day at school (“I was climbing a tree and I fell out of the tree”), her dinner (“I’m eating hummus”) and other important details of her life (“I’m going to buy a house” and “I’m going to Bermuda. It’s hot there. Grandma can’t come with me.”*).

I love technology!

*I have NO idea where she got these ideas from.

{May 9, 2007}   A Beautiful Day

Just got home from a lovely Ladies Night dinner – the second one in as many weeks. Last week, we made sushi; today, it was chili. For next week – hot pot! My friends in the dietetics program have realized that with summer almost upon us (and most of them spending their summers somewhere other than Vancouver), we have to make the most of these last few weeks before their spring course ends. And to us, “making the most” = good food.

I ended up having to walk home, on my still hurting foot, as the bus I was hoping to take drove by just as I was approaching 16th Ave. I was too far away from the bus stop to run and catch it, even if I hadn’t been nursing an injured foot. Knowing that the next bus wouldn’t come for 30 minutes, and that I was less than a 30 minute walk from home, I decided to walk… well, limp really, home. It was a nice night – the sky was clear, the air was crisp but not too cold, there was a bit of a breeze, but not crazy windy like it had been earlier in the day. As I walked past a school, I noticed a white plastic bag being blown around in the wind. It was, I swear to you, *exactly* like the bag that’s blowing around in the wind in American Beauty – the one that Ricky tapes and shows to Jane and tells her about how it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. I even stopped and watched it for a while and I tell you, it was beautiful. And then, I kid you not, the next song on my iPod was U2’s “Beautiful Day“. That song always makes me stop and take in the beauty around me (I’m like Pavlov’s dog with that song, I swear!). The lights of the city twinkling in the distance, the fragrance of the flowers in bloom, my knee starting to kill as I limp along, trying to will my foot to stop hurting. OK, maybe that last one wasn’t so great, but overall it was a nice walk home after a super delicious dinner with good friends. I’m a lucky girl!

(In completely unrelated news, if anyone wants to see extremely small photos of me and Kelly from the half marathon, you can go to – you need to know my last name (do you know my last name?) and that my bib number was 8405).

{May 8, 2007}   My Foot Hurts

I suppose that is to be expected when one runs for over two hours straight, covering 21.1 km, all on the same side of the road, which is tilted just enough to screw up one’s foot.

In other marathon news, I saw in the paper that the faster woman in the full marathon, Claudia Camargo, set a women’s record for the fastest completion of the Vancouver marathon, finishing it in 2:35:50. In other words, in just over the time it took me to run 13 miles, she ran 26. She also came in third overall, which is also a first. Way to go, Claudia!

Also, on the cover of the Metro* was a story about a guy who proposed to his girlfriend when she finished the marathon. Isn’t that friggin’ sweet? I think I would like that. If I were ever going to get married again, which I’m not. Unless I run a marathon and then someone proposes to me… then maybe I’d consider it. I’m just saying.

*the free newspaper made famous here in my corner of the blogosphere for deeming me a socialite.

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to find out if I did, in fact, survive my first ever half marathon. Well, wait no longer, here I am, curled up in my chair with my sore feet and achy calves… but still able to type, so now you get to hear about my running adventure!

The first thing I would like to say is, if you ever run a half marathon, you should run it with Kelly! I know I would not have finished in nearly as good a time as I did with her cheerful positive nature! I was truly hoping that I would come in less than 3 hours – my longest run in training was 18 k and it took me 2 hours, so I figured as long as I could do the remaining 3.1 k in less than an hour, I’d be happy. I mean, after 18 k, I didn’t figure I’d be running at the same pace… plus, my training has been abysmal since I got sick, so I thought 3 hours was a good goal (although truth be told, I really thought that I could do 2:45). But with extra adrenalin of the race day atmosphere and the cheering of the crowd (which was helped along by Kelly yelling to them, “Cheer for the runners! They are working hard!”), I managed to complete my very first half marathon ever in….

drum roll please…..

2 hr 19 min 07 sec

Needless to say, I was VERY pleased with that time!

Other pertinent points for the day:

  • I got up at 5 am. This, in and of itself, is a major accomplishment.
  • Parking in Vancouver is ridiculuous. While we were paying for parking (with our credit cards), a woman walked up and asked “how much is it to park? We said, “15” and she exclaimed “DOLLARS? I guess my loonie isn’t going to cut it!”
  • The Weather Network is made up of a bunch of liars. They promised me 10 degrees C, cloudy with sunny breaks. There were NO sunny breaks! And I hadn’t even brought a plastic bag to carry my camera in, because I had believed that it was really not going to rain. I mean, it’s Vancouver, right? Kelly later decided that it was actually cloudy with breaks of sunny disposition.
  • The route for the half was described on the VIM* website thus:

Start at South side GM Arena, Approximately 150 meters ahead of the Full Marathon. Course moves through ChinaTown, into Strathcona, historic Gastown, scenic Coal Harbour and beautiful Stanley Park before exiting onto Beach Ave. Finish at BC Place Stadium.

  • You’ll notice the above description does not say “scenic Strathcona”… there is a reason for that.
  • Once we got to “historic Gastown,” it’s an extremely pretty route to run.
  • There were huge line ups for the Port-o-potties and we are too hardcore to allow our race time to be screwed up by waiting in a five minute line. So we ran into a coffee shop along the route to use their bathrooms – no line up. This also represents the first time I have ever entered a coffee shop and left without a coffee!
  • Upon entering Stanley Park, we were overcome with an amazing floral aroma… one of the other runners near us exclaimed “Something smells wonderful!” To which Kelly replied, “Oh, that’s me, thanks!”
  • This is me and Kelly on the run through Stanley Park. I always find it shocking how red I get from the slightest physical exertion!
  • At mile 8 (of 13), we started a wicked killer hill, which went on for what seemed like 10 miles up to Prospect Point (although the map tells you differently, my legs are convinced that 10 miles of uphill is accurate). Here is the course elevation, with the arrow indicating where I was ready to die:

  • It was at about the above indicated point where Kelly declared, “This hill really is a mofo!” She also said it again when we (finally) got to the friggin’ top of the hill.
  • This arrow indicates where Bethy caught her second wind. Gravity, it seems, is your friend.
  • Once we got out of the park, it really started to feel like we were getting to the end of the race, as we ran down Beach Street and back across downtown to the finish line, which was at BC Place. This is also the point where the winner of the full marathon passed us.
  • When we could finally see the finish line, we got a last burst of energy and sprinted. My legs felt like jelly, but it was super cool to pass a tonne of people who were dragging along at the end. And to cross the finish line with my arms raised high!
  • At the end of the race, you get a cool blue plastic blanket to keep you warm and a “finisher” medal. There were a bunch of people giving out the medals, so I chose the cute boy who was wearing a Canucks hat. He said, “Way to go!” and I said, “I like your hat!”
  • Speaking of cute boys in Canucks hats giving out medals, here’s a shout out to all the VIM volunteers – thanks so much for coming out so early on a slightly rainy Sunday morning to hand out water, patrol the race route, cheer the runners on, give out blankets and race food and finisher medals – not to mention all the other behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on Canada’s largest marathon! You people rock!
  • And speaking of rocking, thanks Kelly, for coming all the way to Vancouver to be my personal running coach! I had tonnes and tonnes of fun hanging out with you, making dinner, and the race was way more fun running with you than it would have been running on my own. You are the best! Oh yes, and a genius! You rock!

    *VIM = Vancouver International Marathon.

{May 6, 2007}   Half Marathony Goodness

In eight hours, I will be standing in a sea of 15,000* people, nervously awaiting the start of the biggest run, by far, I have ever done in my life! My bib with my race number is pinned on my new lululemon** triathlon*** shirt, my timing chip is firmly attached to my shoe and we have three different alarms set to ensure that we wake up in plenty of time to get downtown for the 7 am start. I’ve done my carb-loading (i.e., bellini last night, cinnamon buns today) and Kelly and I made a super delish dinner wherein I got to try brown rice spinach pasta and she got to try Yves veggie ground round. We also had some wicked delicious Indian spice tea that Kelly had brought with her (complete with warmed soy milk) and topped the evening off with garlic hummus & corn chips. I also treated Kelly to not one, but two walks to the grocery store this evening. First to get produce for dinner and second because Dani informed me that the grocery store had the “specially marked boxes” of Vector cereal where you get a coupon for a free Saucony technical shirt. So while I believe that $7 for small box of cereal is highway robbery, since I get a free $40 shirt, it makes up for it.

Wow, I can’t believe this entire post is about food. You’d think I was hungry or something.

*I have this vague recollection from last year of hearing that there are about 15,000 people who run in the Vancouver International Marathon. I can’t find this anywhere on their site, however, so I could be totally wrong.

**I bought it at the outlet store, so it wasn’t *that* expensive!

***Yes, I realize that I’m not running a triathlon. But it has pockets in the back to hold my PowerGels. I *totally* need to keep my PowerGels somewhere, right?

{May 4, 2007}   I Still Love Them

After more periods of overtime in one playoffs than any person should watch, the season has ended for my boys.

It might be carryover effect from the cursed chocolate bar. It might be that Dave K went to watch the game at Mike O & Liz W’s, even though I specifically told him that that would jinx us. But whatever the reason, my boys are hanging up the skates for this season. Don’t worry, we’ll come back next year, bigger and faster and stronger than ever! And I still love you.

I love you, Bobby Lou, who is going to win the Hart trophy. MVP!! MVP!! MVP!!

I love you Alex Burrows, scoring our only goal tonight. And I love you too, Dany Saborin, who stepped into the most stressful situation a player could ever imagine and withstood the pressure while Lou raced to fix his equipment.

I love Taylor Pyatt, of course. I always have. Your hussle out there was much appreciated by this fan!

I love you Sedin twins, and Jeff Cowan (the long, lost Sedin triplet who missed the last few games with an injury – we missed you out there!).

Trevor Linden, the consummate Canuck, I love you and hope you come back next year! You’ve got a few good years left in ya, I swear! Naslund, a lot of people were doubting you, but you stepped it and I love you! I love you Mo and Smolinski and Greene and Bulis and Bieksa and Ohlund and Sopes and Salo and Mitchell and Cooke. And Rory, I voted for you, because I love you.

We’ll get them next year boys. In the meantime, I will have all of your babies.

{May 3, 2007}   Sushi Party!

Just got home from a sushi party. Wanted to post pics, but my computer is taking FOREVER to upload them to Flickr and I’m sleepy and want to go to bed RIGHT NOW. So suffice it to say that my girlfriends ROCK! We made delish sushi (not to mention Ali’s marinated strawberries and chocolate ice cream cake!); had good wine; talked about food, boys we are seeing, boys we are not seeing and decided we need to have an aphrodisiac party*. Too sleepy to post more now… I’ll post pics tomorrow, k?


*Yes boys, that is correct. A house full of hot women were discussing our need to have an aphrodisiac party in Sheila’s bed. Everything you ever thought happened when girls get together really is true.

{May 2, 2007}  

So I called the bank to sort out how, exactly, I’m supposed to pay for my student loans. It turns out that you need to know the secret passageway, secret handshake and secret 347-digit code to set up your online banking so you can pay your student loans. So I now have it set up that $850 will magically disappear from my account EVERY MONTH for the NEXT NINE YEARS!

Man, I need a sugar daddy. Hmm…. I hear Prince William is back on the market….

et cetera