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{May 23, 2007}   What the F is That?

I’ve decided to start an irregular* feature here on “Blog That Needs a New Name” – a feature called: What the F is That?

In this feature, I will put up a photo and the first person to correctly identify what the f is in the photo will win valuable BTNaNN points**.

OK, are you ready? Here’s the first entry. Who can tell me what the f this is:

<img src=”” alt=”Align Center

And it is so not what you are thinking it is.

Any guesses?

*irregular in that it will not be a daily, or weekly, or monthly feature, but rather will show up based completely on my whims, the availability of weird photos and/or my lack of other ideas of things to blog about.

**those in possession of Thesis Writing is Hell (or Thesis Writing was Hell) points can transfer them to BTNaNN points upon request

et cetera