Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{April 27, 2007}   Oops, I Did It Again

Pacific Spirt Run.


The Sunday after the half marathon.

As part of the Brain Research Centre’s team.

I figure that this is the closest I will get to being able to call myself a brain surgeon.

{April 27, 2007}   The Mysterious Sticky Note

When I got to my office today, I noticed that there was a sticky note on my desk that I didn’t remember seeing there ever before. It seemed like it had fallen down from somewhere and landed on my desk, so I picked it up to see what it said.

And much to my surprise, it said this:

I recognize the handwriting as being that of my predecessor. But she hasn’t been in my office for a month and I don’t even remember seeing this sticky note ever before and I have no idea how it could have just shown up on my desk. Furthermore, I really can’t imagine a situation where someone would write that on a sticky note.

Freakin’ weird!

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