Not To Be Trusted With Knives

Now, I may have yelled “Turco, you dirtbag!” many, many, many times during the first round of the playoffs. But in truth, it was always when he’d made some amazing save, robbing my beloved Canucks of much needed goals. You won’t often hear me say something positive about an opposing team, but even I have to admit that Marty Turco played one hell of a series.

Turco broke the Stars’s franchise record for a shutout streak at 165:45. Ed Belfour held the previous Stars record with 164:35. Turco’s three shutouts also tied an NHL record for most shutouts in a seven game series.

Props to you, Marty Turco!

In related news, Melanie apologized for getting me a cursed chocolate bar.

{April 25, 2007}   Today I Got Mistaken For Me

Today, I ran into a woman that I have known for over 6 years. I was walking down a hallway in a building on campus (I was there for a workshop) and noticed her in a room that I was passing by, so I smiled and said “hi.” She smiled and said “hi”, but then when she stepped out of the room, she said, “oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone that I know.” Needless to say, I was confused, so I said, “You do know me” and she was like “Beth? Are you Beth?” And I was like “yup” and she was like “Oh, I thought it was you, but then when I got a better look, I thought it wasn’t you. Didn’t I just see you a few weeks ago??” I had, in fact, seen her just a few weeks ago. I said, “Oh, it’s my new haircut” and she said, “Was your hair this long when I last saw you?” “Actually, it was several inches longer! But I didn’t have the bangs.”

It’s very weird to be mistaken for yourself.

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