Not To Be Trusted With Knives

Shout out to my boys in blue!

I nearly had a heart attack watching tonight’s game! It had been very frustrating to watch my boys lose the last two games, where they could have ended the series, but didn’t, resulting in tonight winner-take-all matchup. Then it occurred to me what the problem was… my chocolate bar was cursed. Two games ago, I was watching the game with a bunch of friends at two of my friends’s apartment and during the intermission between the third period and OT, a couple people decided to go to the store for snacks* and I got a big bar of dark Swiss chocolate. It was quite delicious, but certainly more than I could eat in one sitting. We lost that game in OT, and then we lost the next game. I had eaten some more of the chocolate bar over the past few days, but still had quite a bit left when this game started. I started to have an inkling that my chocolate bar might be cursed, preventing the Canucks from winning, but when Dallas scored first in tonight’s game, I decided it was time to take action. I ate the rest of the bar. And shortly after finishing said bar, the Canucks scored. Did I ever mention that I’m supersititious?

Thanks to me devouring the cursed chocolate bar, the good guys prevailed and the bad guys… well, they got sent back to Dallas. Roberto made the big saves, the Sedins got their first points since Game 1, Trev got the game winner (and became the leading active player to score in game 7s) , my boyfriend sealed the deal with empty netter #1 and then Trev, being the upstanding guy that he is, passed the puck to Smoke to let him have empty netter #2 rather than taking it himself. I love my boys!! Tonight, I’m willing to have all their babies! And now it’s off to Anaheim to kick some Duck!

Also, special thanks to the Red Wings for eliminating the despised Flames**. Flames, you are a team of dirtbags from a crappy city and your defeat brings me glee. That’s right, glee!

Oh yes, and right here and right now, I’m calling a CanucksSens Stanley Cup this year! I know I call that at the beginning of every season, but this year I know that Roberto is going to lead us to the Cup!!

*we’d already had pizza and, after game 1, we had no idea how many periods of OT we were facing – we needed sustenance!
**please note, the Flames get no link love because I hate them.

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