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{April 10, 2007}   The Badlands

Yesterday, we went to the Badlands. They were wickedly cool. They also have the richest museum EVER!

Here is a picture of the Albertasaurus:

Like most Albertans, it’s a carnivore and kind of an a-hole.

This one is of another dinosaur, I think it’s called a Vancouversaurus.

It’s a tree hugger.


Jorge says:

Dude, why the hate-on for everything not BC?

Kelly says:

Wit wit wit!

Très drole, my dear…

Sarah says:

It is not just her…Calgary sucked, man. We liked many other parts of Alberta but Calgary…not so much.

Also – BC’s official tourism slogan is “British Columbia — the Greatest Place on Earth”. It is hard not to get sucked in by the propaganda machine!

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