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{April 3, 2007}   Calgary-bound

Tomorrow, we leave for Calgary. We’ve spent a chillaxed few days in Vancity, doing such things as drinking Dirty Girl beer and getting our hair cut. I know, party animals, right?

We also patronized the following establishments: The Naam*, The Fringe Cafe, The Reef, Cactus Club**, The Eatery (where we got to have my favourite, Fat Elvi***), Bo Kong, Bellagio’s Gelato and probably a bunch of other places that I’ve forgotten.

I have to go to work tomorrow and scramble around all day to get stuff done that needs to get done before I leave. I had to go in early today to do this extremely boring orientation****, so I can go home early tomorrow, which will make it a little less rushed to get to the airport for our evening flight to Cowtown. My luggage is pretty much all packed, except for a few things that I need to use in the morning (like my hair drier). Our instructions for Calgary are to bring “winter boots and bathing suits. Both for use on the same day.” Should be good times.

Don’t wait up.

*The only place Sarah has been on all of her trips to Vancouver.
**That was more about the company at dinner than about the restaurant. Although the $6 double margaritas and the cute waiter were also nice.
***Elvi, of course, being the plural of Elvis.
****Thank god they had free coffee – I couldn’t possibly have stayed awake otherwise. On the plus side, I now know what to do in case of a fire alarm, because surely after 11 years of postsecondary education, I’m not qualified to react to a freaking fire alarm.

Jay says:

Wow, is Calgary in the throes of some prohibition that I haven’t heard about? Have they suddenly gone dry? Because it sounds like you’re storing up like a camel!
Happy travels.

Kelly says:

Jager and Sarsh in Cowtown?

I’m a call my brother, and have him lock up Pooge. Look out!

(Have fun, ladies!)

(Word verification: FABOLS, a.k.a FABULOUS!)

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