Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{March 11, 2007}  

Wow. I nearly missed my blogging today. I’m actually blogging at a party, just to make sure I don’t break my New Year’s Resolution. Yes, yes, I really am that cool.

As for my job, I think it’s best to avoid specifics here in blogland (translate: if someone Googles my work, I don’t want them to find this blog). Suffice it to say that this job is wicked cool, combines my interests in research, education and nerdy tech stuff. And completely justifies my desire to buy new shoes.

OK, now back to my regularly scheduled party.

P.S. I ❤ poutine.

Duane says:

Oh man, I just demolished a jumbo poutine from fritz a few seconds ago.. What’s up now?

Beth says:

Fritz makes great poutine – they even make a vegetarian gravy so me and my ilk can enjoy the poutine goodness. Sometimes I get it with the garlic mayo… ‘cuz you know that there isn’t enough fat in poutine without mayo added!

The poutine I had last night was from a pizza place on the Drive, which also happens to cater to us herbivores. No mayo though.

Kelly says:

Anything that justifies new shoes is a-ok. Especially if said reason is jon with pay!


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