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{March 7, 2007}   What the F is Up with You, Blogger?

Why does the stupid word verification thingy in Blogger no longer work in Firefox? It used to work just fine, but now the image no longer shows up and the workaround for people with disabilities doesn’t do anything at all. If I want to comment, I have to go to the post I want to comment on in IE! Boo!

And while I’m bitching, Jorge, why do your Footnotz not work in Firefox? You only get to see part of the footnote, followed by “…” and there is no where to click to get the full footnote. I am hereby boycotting Footnotz until you make them work in Firefox. So there!


Jorge says:

It’s a Mozilla bug.

Interestingly enough, mozilla-based browsers are one of the only type where Footnotz has a limitation. 60 characters.

Apparently someone is or is not working on that.

Either that, or maybe your footnotes are too long. *ahem*

Kelly says:

…I’ll try to keep my FootNotz ramble to a minimum… sorry!


Jorge says:


A new fact just came to my attention…


Beth says:

It wasn’t *my* footnotes on which I noticed that, Jorge. I was pre-boycotting* them.

*pre-boycotting them means that I didn’t use them, discovered the flaw and then decided to boycott, thereby making my previous non-use of them a retroactive boycott.

Jorge says:

You are a nerd.

Good thing you have a hot latte.


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