Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 14, 2007}   Jealous

Danielle’s best friend, Tamara, has just returned from traveling to Fiji/New Zealand/Thailand and is staying with us for a few days, before she heads off to Cuba for her sister’s wedding. As I write this, she is having her first hot shower in a month.

Danielle is heading to Belize for Reading Week on Friday; Kalev & Kyle leave for Hawaii shortly thereafter; Jason heads to Bolivia in March. And don’t even get me started on Sarah & Dave and their 15 cruises per year.

I really do need either a job or a sugar daddy so that I can go to cool places too!


Courtney-O says:

I vote for sugar daddy – it’s way cooler – and easier!!

Plus, you can have sex with a sugar daddy, but sex with your job is just plain weird.


Jorge says:

In 6 weeks I’m going to be a brown sugar daddy.


I said that.

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