Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{December 13, 2006}   Egg McMaster

I just discovered that Googling “Egg McMaster” returns a meager 6 hits. And I just couldn’t let this tragedy continue — now Googling “Egg McMaster” will return 7 hits! Take that, internet!

What is an “Egg McMaster,” you ask? It’s a delicious concoction of fried egg & cheese on an English muffin*, served up at the greatest university EVER! Back in the day**, after our MWF 9 am Introductory Biochemistry course, my friends Therese, Jason and I used to go to the Arts Quad for breakfast… Therese would have a bagel with cream cheese; Jason, a toasted Western sandwich; and I, a delicious, delicious Egg McMaster. Every single time. Three days a week. For eight months. Ah, those were the days. And this one Monday during our bagel/Western/Egg McMaster ritual, I dropped into the conversation, “Oh ya, I got married this weekend.” Therese, being the maid of honour, knew. Jason, however, was a bit more surprised. Wow, that means that was 10 years ago***.

I was thinking about this as I made myself an Egg McMaster for dinner. An Egg McMaster with tomatoes and guacamole on it****.

Oh ya, and I have a tonne of work to do tonight. But I’m not procrastinating. No really, I’m not.

*In its traditional form, it also has bacon. I, of course, get it without. This is beneficial because (a) I’m a vegetarian and I wouldn’t make a very good vegetarian if I went around eating bacon, now would I? and (b) they make you a fresh one, rather than one that was made and put under heat lamps. Of course, this is only if you went to the Commons… at the Arts Quad, they always make them fresh.

**”the day” being my 2nd year of undergrad.

***as next month would have been my 10th anniversary, if I hadn’t just got divorced last week.

****apparently I’ve become creative in those intervening 10 years.

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