Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{September 26, 2006}   And the plot thickens…

So, I’m watching ET Canada* and the first story is about how Tie Domi’s wife has listed Tie having an affair with Belinda Stronach on her divorce papers!** All I can say is ewwwwww!

Leanne Domi

Belinda Stronach Tie Domi

OK, I guess the other thing I can say is, “how does he tell them apart?”

Oh ya, and in my googling for photos for this posting, I came across this pic, which I totally had to share with y’all. Yup, this blog is nothing if not classy.

*Don’t look at me like that. It comes on after the news and I had left the TV on. I was watching the news, dammit!

** and you had heard it here first!

HMP says:

It appears to me that there are more people named Leanne in Canada than in the US.

Jorge says:

I didn’t realize how similar they looked.

That’s fucked up.

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