Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{September 25, 2006}   It’s a Beautiful Day

Damn, it was a beautiful day in Vancouver. Despite it really looking like winter* had arrived, to the point that I had actually gone and bought myself a rain jacket, summer decided to have a last hurrah and it was gorgeous and sunny today. So wonderful that I actually went out into the nonline world. I decided to go for a run, even though Sundays are usually a day off. And I decided to make it a longer run than I usually do. And then when I got back to my place, I still felt like running, so I just kept running past my place and added a few extra blocks, just for kicks. The day was just so beautiful and the running was exhilirating. I ran past kids playing soccer. And adults playing ultimate. And people running and biking and going for a walk in Pacific Spirit Park. And the grass was green, the sky blue and the mountains were gorgeous. And I kept thinking, “Man, it is great to be alive.”

Another reason why it is great to be alive**:

I wanted to put a pic of this wicked cheesecake I made this weekend here, but my computer is refusing to recognize the digital camera. Stupid computer. So just imagine that there is a pic of a beautiful chocolate swirled cheesecake (about half of which is gone) here, okay? I’ll put the pic up if my computer ever stops hating me.

And another.

P.S. Since I started this posting before midnight, I still have time to say, “Happy birthday Jason!

*We don’t really have autumn in Vancouver. We have summer (sunny) and winter (rainy). I guess the day we have a big windstorm and all the leaves fall off the trees at once can be considered our “fall” season.

**This is a cheesecake*** that I made. A chocolate Amaretto cheesecake. With organic, dark chocolate. And agar instead of gelatin****.

***I didn’t eat all of it by myself. But I did eat a lot. Which may explain where I got sooo much energy to go running today!

***Gelatin is full of skin/bone/hoofy badness. Yuck. Agar is full of seaweedy goodness and reminds me of being in the lab. Mmmm… agar.

et cetera