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{September 19, 2006}   Coolest thing EVER on eBay

You totally have to check out the coolest thing that’s been posted for sale on eBay.

Coolest. Thing. EVER.

Click here!

OK, I’ll give you a hint:

Photo by Danielle.

Check it out! Tell all of your friends! Blog about it! Shout it from the rooftop! I want to see how many people I can get to check it out. Seriously. You know you want to.

Update: Within half an hour of posting this on eBay, someone had already bid on it! You better act fast if you want to bid! đŸ˜‰


Anonymous says:

I have been lurking in the shadows for a while reading your blog. You have always amazed me one way or another, but THIS, I swear, you deserve some kind of an award for the most hilarious, creative and innovative way to turn frustration into fun-stration? ;))

Keep it up girly, I think you’re strong, courageous, beautiful, amazing and will succeed in all aspects of life…and don’t EVER let anyone pull (push?) you down with them again (or tell you otherwise).


Dave says:

Is it just me, or is that thesis also friggin huge? It looks oversize to me. Add that to it’s eBay description and you’ll knock the price up at least four bucks.

Beth says:

Thanks for the kind words (and for coming out of the shadows to comment!), Devi! It’s been so great to know what wonderful and supportive friends I have (even if I don’t actually know who they are… if that makes any sense at all!)

Dave, yup, it is one hellava big document… 167 pages of rat-tastic goodness. Although, in fairness, I have seen a bigger one… but I think she was just overcompensating.

Sarah says:

Dude, I don’t know. If it was the “greatest thesis EVER” — gassing rats = good times — then I would bid. I am so torn.

Beth says:

Hmmm… maybe I should get the rat gasser girl to sell her thesis too… of course, she wouldn’t have an incorrectly paginated version…

Jay says:

I think that’s friggin awesome, Beth.

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