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{August 25, 2006}   Embracing My Inner Geek

Since so many people* were asking where they too could get a cool blogging shirt, I decided that it was high time I embraced my inner geek and joined the Affiliate program. Basically, what this means is that I’ve added a lovely graphic onto my blog (look to your right) and if you click on that link and then buy stuff from ThinkGeek, they give me cash. And it’s not like this is the first time I’ve touted the ThinkGeek stuff… you may also remember ThinkGeek from such blog postings as How To Turn Yourself OCD (featuring stuffed viruses) and Merry Thesis-mas (featuring the travel mug with the caffeine molecule on it). ThinkGeek has all kinds of cool stuff for your geekness needs.

I also added a link, right under the ThinkGeek one, to Jinx is a similar site (but more gamer/hacker oriented, I find, than the more broadly defined geekdom of ThinkGeek). If you click on that link and buy stuff, they don’t give me any money =( But they are going to send me a free sticker! I heart free stuff. When I signed up to put the link up, the form asked “how did you hear about” with the usual type options like “a website”, “a friend”, “an ad”, etc. And then it asked for a more specific answer, saying “what website? what friend?” So I wrote, “I heard about from a cute boy that I met online.” True story**.

*and by “so many,” I mean 2.

**true both that I heard about it from a cute boy that I met online and that I told that that was how I heard about them.


J Wo says:

Hey Beth,
Did you ever end up contacting KD?

Beth says:

Not yet. I did get your emails (thanks for the info, btw), but got a bit sidetracked with other things. But I will email her!

Jorge says:

Way to embrace the geek within you.

Lucky you are also Hawt, so it makes you even more marketable.


Beth says:

Well, I’ve always said that I am nothing if not marketable.

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