Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{August 8, 2006}   Ph.Dizzle

Oh ya baby! My defence is over and I PASSED!! Woot woot!

Sarah says:

Squee!! You kicked serious ass today! I am super, super proud of you!

Now – on to the gifts and the parties.

Rebecca says:


Congrats! Do we have to call you “Doctor Beth” now?

Beth says:

Yup. Although technically I’m not supposed to use “Dr.” until after the graduation ceremony…. but just don’t tell on me!

HMP says:

Dr. Beth, Dr. Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s move to SF and be happy together forever!

Jorge says:

So good!
I’m proud of you.

There was no doubt that you would get it.

And if anyone doubted…
I was ready to fly over to them and deliver their demise.

J Wo says:

Thesis, schmesis…good job, Beth! Best of luck at Stanford!

Dave says:

I heard you did amazing. Especially when they asked you to answer that first question entirely in Snoop speak. Sort of unfair, but it is a Ph.Dizzle after all.

Courtney-O says:

Congrats!! You are officially my favorite doctor now. (Except maybe for my hot therapist. But I’m sure he’d have something to say about that.)

You deserve it!!

Stacia says:

That is so cool!!! How long do you plan on celebrating? If I were there, I’d buy the doctor a drink.

Jody says:

congratulations Beth. We always knew you had at least one really good thesis in your apartment.

shalu says:

Dr B!!!!

Im finally coming out of the “I-lurk-and-read-Beth’s-blog” closet to say you were awesome!

I dont know anybody more deserving. Congrats and pwyl đŸ˜‰

Beth says:

This posting now has as many comments at there are words in the posting (even tho 2 of them are comments from me)! Squee!!!

Thanks for all the congratulatory comments everyone!

Sarah – thanks for the gifts and parties!! You rock!

Rebecca – I’ve been making everyone call me Dr. Beth for days now and it still hasn’t gotten old!

Katie – agreed. Last one to San Fran is a rotten egg!

Jorge – I can think of a few peeps who I would like you to deliver their demise too. Let me know when you are available for the job.

Dave – I thought I handled to Snoop speak question well, but got a little thrown when they asked me to answer in pig latin.

J Wo – You better come and visit me once I’m there! (As better everyone. I’m planning on opening up the Hotel Bethifornia for all my visitors… you can check out anytime you like…)

Stacia – the celebrating is now at 5 days and counting!

Jody – Yes, I am ever grateful to my apartment for not eating the best version.

Shalu – thanks for de-lurking and posting a comment! I will definitely PWYL!! Although I’ve been doing some PWOYN*, so you’ve got some catching up to do!

*PWOYN = partying without ya now

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