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{July 29, 2006}   Travels
Stacia recently posted a map of all the States she’s been to and, since I’m nothing if not a lemming, I had to check out the site that generates such maps! I was pleased to discover that they also have a program to map all the Canadian provinces you’ve been to. Much like Stacia’s goal of visiting all the states, I have a goal of visiting all the provinces and territories in Canada. As you can see from the map, I’m doing pretty well on the provinces, but the territories, not so much:

Click here to create your own personalized map of Canada.

Is it just me, or does that map of Canada look a little bit distorted?

Here’s my map of the States I’ve been to:

Click here to create your own personalized map of the USA

At least, I think these are the states I’ve been to. The ones down the east coast are ones I went through on a car trip down to Florida back in high school, so I may have mixed up which states I actually went through since I wasn’t really paying that much attention. I’m also cheating a bit by including Oregon & Texas, as I’ve only actually been to airports in those states.

Sarah says:

Cool maps!

In terms of my travel goals (no maps, since I have no blog of my own) are:

– visit all Canadian provinces and territories (3 provinces, 3 territories to go)
– ultimately visit all the states but in the meantime, keep the # of states visited above the number of years I’ve lived (to wit – 30 states, 28 years)
– visit every country on the European land mass (I’ve hit 29 of the 51 with 3 new ones due next year)
– visit all the continents (yes, even antarctica). I am stalling at 3 there, but I do have a few years ahead.

Beth says:

I’m with you on the goal of visiting all the continents. My neice, of course, had been on 3 continents by the age of 11 months!

Sarah says:

What was her third continent?

Beth says:

Africa. Their Mediterranean cruise included Tunisia.

Jorge says:

Lofty goals.
Mind you, out of anyone I know, you will be the one to do it.

I’m content to visit where I can, when I can.

At the moment, I have more home-oriented goals.

Stacia says:

Trust me, the airport in TX is all you really want to visit (well, except maybe San Antonio and Austin). Hopefully I’ll get to Canada soon.

Beth says:

Ya, I didn’t even want to visit the airport! The people there were so rude! Stupid Dallas-Fort Worth!

Hopefully you will get a chance to visit Canada sometime soon, Stacia. Canada rocks!

HMP says:

I don’t know if Texas sucks, but Houston sure does.

This is so cool…I, too, will be a leming…

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