Not To Be Trusted With Knives

In no particular order, here is some random cool stuff:

  • If you add a bunch of Mentos into a bottle of pop, it makes this wicked pop explosion. We use it to demonstrated some principles of chemistry to kids. A friend of my recently sent me this link to a video of some people who took this demo to a whole new level — definitely worth checking out: Isn’t this wicked cool?

  • I just bought this cute little magnet, sort of an early Canada Day present for myself:

Isn’t it cute?

  • A little while ago, Jorge posted a link to a site that will make a graphical representation of a website…. here’s what my blog looks like:

Isn’t it pretty?

  • The other night we had our UBC Let’s Talk Science Annual General Meeting. My fellow coordinators totally surprized me with some really kind words about my work with the program over the past several years and with some amazing parting gifts! They gave me an iPod nano AND a Canucks T-shirt with the stick-in-a-box logo on it (which I had been looking for for ages and could never find!

Aren’t I spoiled?

  • And speaking of cute shirts, check out this cute shirt I gave my neice:

Isn’t that adorable?

If you are one of the people who does not like to hear me complain about Toronto and sing the praises of Vancouver, you may want to skip this entry. The entry below this one is a lovely summary of my trip, in cheesy number format… perhaps you would enjoy that?

OK, I am only kidding about that. This entry won’t *only* make fun T.O… I will point out a couple of things I like about the place too. I just happened to notice, while I was there, a few notable differences between the T dot and Vancity. But first, a quotation:

“One of the extraordinary things about life is the sort of places it’s prepared to put up with living.”

I read this in Mostly Harmless* and my immediate reaction was “that’s kind of how I feel about Toronto!” Much to my amusement, the passage goes onto to discuss the inhospitable nature of living in New York, with much the same reasons as I had for thinking this was related to Toronto. But it’s not just in that you have to “wrap [yourself] up in lots of other animals at one point in your planet’s orbit, and then find, half an orbit later, that your skin’s bubbling” that Toronto differs from Vancouver. I also noticed the following things about T.O.:

  • you only see 3 other joggers on a 40 minute run (unlike Van’s current rate of 35 jpm**)
  • the Skytrain is underground for some reason- what’s up with that?
  • similarly, this underground Skytrain goes to places that people might want to go, like the colleges and universities in the city… weird!
  • no one knows what you are talking about when you say “hey, it’s 4:20!”
  • they hardly have Sleeman on tap anywhere
  • air comes in either gritty or chunky (or, on especially bad days, gritty with chunks in it)
  • I can get Air Miles when I buy booze. Air Miles!
  • no mountais or ocean makes navigation much more tricky
  • if you smile at a hot guy on the subway, he will ask you out on a date! right there on the subway platform!
  • someone there calls me Aunt Beth and it is the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever heard

*Jorge, I know you recommended avoiding this book, but I just feel the need to read the complete “trilogy.”

**jpm = joggers per minute

et cetera