Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{June 9, 2006}  

Well, I’m about to head off to the airport, but before I go, I thought I’d share a few more things with you… you know, just to keep you entertained (I know you’d be bored without my witty banter).

First, many, many, many, many thanks to Di from Stem Cell Technologies. As you may recall, Di heard my lament over my dearly departed pen and generously offered to send me a new one. Well, when I receive the package in the mail, I was delighted to discover that she had sent not just one pen, but TWO pens AND a pencil!! And this is the EXACT kind of pen that had expired whilst I was working on my thesis! I can confidently say that having these pens and this pencil was responsible for me finishing my thesis revisions! Thanks, Di! You rock!!

You may also recall that I recently moved and, in the process, found the some cool photos. Well, I found a few other cool things, including:

  • this snazzy button that Jody gave me a million years ago:

Jody – I’m looking forward to seeing you when I’m in the T dot!

  • this little receipt, which JWo and Sarah should recognize:

OK, I’m outta here! Torontoians, see ya soon. Vancouverites, see ya in 2 weeks!

I think she will. She was crying all day because I’m leaving. Of course, today was the day I had to run all over campus, picking things up and dropping things off. Couldn’t have been yesterday, when it was sunny and warm and wonderful (although, come to think of it, I did have to run all over campus yesterday too… but I had to do more of it today… bah!). Anyway, by the time I got home I was so wet (and not in the good way). And now my running shoes are still wet, but I’ve had to pack them. Bah!

I love packing in the summer. Summer clothes are so much smaller than winter clothes, so I can fit WAY more in my luggage. I’m bringing almost everything I own. ‘Cuz you never know what you’ll want to wear when you are away — and I’m going to be away for TWO WEEKS! And two weeks is a long time to be separated from your clothes.

Oh ya, I just found out that my friend Therese got me a ticket for a National Ballet of Canada gala — how cool is that?

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