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{May 12, 2006}   My Shoes Are Here!!

Now, I may not have mentioned this before, but I recently purchased some shoes on e-bay. And they are here now!!! And they are perfect!!!

I realize that there was a request for a picture of me wearing said shoes, but (and you may find this shocking), I don’t own a digital camera! I usually have access to the Let’s Talk Science digital camera, but it is currently with some volunteers who went on a trip to Kelowna, so I can’t use it to take a pic of my smoking hot new shoes. I can assure you that they look EXACTLY like the e-bay picture and that I will post a pic of me in new my babies as soon as I track down someone with a digi-cam that will take my picture. Yeesh. Being a starving scientist sucks.


Courtney-O says:


(And, by the way, you’re not the only one who doesn’t own a digital camera. I’m still a lover of my favorite 35mm.)

Jorge says:

I think Courtney wants the pictures for insidious reasons.

And incidentally, I don’t own a digital camera either.

Bethie, I realize that you will not be in TO to see my show so here is the next best thing. Click on “Contact 2006” category to see the magic.

Courtney-O says:

I can’t imagine what insidious reasons Jorge thinks I might want the pictures for.

Unless he thinks I have some sort of ‘Beth-in-sexy-shoes’ fetish. (Incidentally, he might be right.)


Beth says:

Doesn’t everyone have a ‘Beth-in-sexy-shoes’ fetish? What’s so insidious about that?

Kalev says:

I have a digital camera.

Beth says:

Kalev!! You are my hero!! Why did I think of that when we were having dinner tonight?

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