Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{April 21, 2006}   Sleepless in Seattle

Since my enablers* have returned back to their native Ottawa, I have had to seek out other adventures in my attempts to continue to avoid doing any work. So I’m going on a road trip to Seattle with Master Shalu** and a bunch of her friends this weekend! I’ve never been to Seattle before***, so I’m really excited about the prospect.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we might do while there?

In related**** news, I’ve experienced a nasty relapse of my ARM, due to too much A when I went out with some friends last night… worse case yet! My preliminary conclusion is that ARM is a progressively degenerative disease, becoming worse in each subsequent iteration, but more research is necessary to explore this hypothesis. Please give generously.

*i.e., Sarah & Dave
**I told you we have to call her that now
***except for a brief layover at Sea-Tac airport
****related to the idea of my seeking out other adventures to make my enablers proud

et cetera