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{February 3, 2006}   New Blog Title

As Dave so aptly pointed out in the comments section, I am soon going to need a new title for this blog.

Any suggestions?


Dave says:

David Emerson is a whore?

Beth says:

I like the way you think, Dave. In fact, I have received hits from people Googling “David Emerson defection”. Good times.

In completely unrelated news, my word verification is “ajcne” — which is uncannily similar to the abbreviation for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN)… I think word verification is becoming sentient.

Jorge says:

How did this entry escape my notice?
What the hell?

Beth says:

Jorge, you were slacking in your commenting duties. I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night since I posted it that you hadn’t replied. =(

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