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{December 4, 2005}   Superstitious

Although I’m generally a logical, scientific-type of person, I must admit that I am superstitious. Case in point: when I first emailed the profs in California about postdocs positions, I put their replies into a folder marked “postdoc” (I’m a bit neurotic about keeping all my emails, so I have a well-developed e-filing system… I know, I’m a nerd). Then I didn’t hear back from them. When I got a response from the guy at McGill, for whatever reason, I didn’t file that email right away, but left it in my inbox. Then he offered me a job. So now I’m terrified to take any emails from either the McGill prof or the Stanford prof out of my inbox, for fear that it will jinx my chances at a postdoc. And so my inbox is cluttered with tonnes of emails. Am I crazy?

Courtney-O says:

Thanks for the comment on my space.

As to your entry, I also am superstitious like that. I would just leave them in the inbox until something is decided for sure. It can’t hurt to have the inbox crowded for a couple of weeks!

Sarah says:

Why not change the folder name to: ‘Postdoc Inquiries’ so as not to jinx it? That way – cleaner inbox, deities not angered…

I’m getting more superstitious as I get older. No idea why…

Stevie Wonder says:

Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall
Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past

When you believe in things that you don’t understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain’t the way

Jorge says:

Yes you are.

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