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{November 22, 2005}   Update from Ottawa!

I’m in Ottawa! Staying with Sarah & Dave (who we all know and, based on the comments on my previous posting, love very much) and their two adorable cats, Gunther & Moe…btw, to anyone who hasn’t met the cats yet, Sarah & Dave are now officially crazy cat people… but don’t tell them I said that 😉 I’ve been working on revising my lit review today and it’s going OK (although it is somewhat heart breaking to cut out paragraph after paragraph that I agonized over when I was writing it!)… my goal is to have the whole lit review revised before I get back to Vancouver… I’d like to say I’ll have the lit review revised AND the discussion chapter finished but I think that may be just a crazy idea!

Tomorrow morning I set out for Montreal! Wish me luck!!

Also, everyone should go and read the wonderful Haiku that Jorge wrote at my request. Thanks Jorge!

Dave says:

Yeah, that Dave & Sarah sure are crazy cat pe–HEYWAITASECOND!!!

Having Beth here has been fantastic! And the cats are far less needy when we get home from work after having someone around all day. Aren’t you my babies? Yes you good boys. Who’s a good Moe-moe-moe?

Jorge says:

Dave, you say that in the mirror everywhere you go, you jack-knob!

Thanks for the pimping Beth.

Sadly, my blog has been pretty dead for comments these days, thanks to Dave’s anti-comment coating(tm).

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