Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{November 14, 2005}   The Plot Thickens…

So, I emailed the California profs one more time, just to let them know that I had an offer and to see if there was any interest there… I was having horrible thoughts that I’d accept the McGill offer and then the next day one of the Cali profs would call and say, “I want to hire you and I’ll pay you $50 million!”… OK, so they probably wouldn’t pay me $50 million, but what if they offered me US$40,000 and really good benefits? Anyway, I emailed just one last time and today I heard back from the Stanford prof, who said she could see why other profs were pursuing me (I guess my fears that my reference letters contained disparaging remarks about me may have been unfounded) and could she call me on Thursday to discuss stuff? Ack!! Now I’m freaking out again! Too much pressure!! Too big of a decision to make!! Both labs do outstanding research — stuff that I would be totally interested in working on. Both universities are good names. And since I don’t know either of these profs (nor anyone who knows them), I don’t have a clue which one would be better to work for! Double ack!!

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