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{October 14, 2005}   Exploding Trousers

Anyone who knows me from high school and remembers my fascination with a certain physics teacher will understand why I got a thrill when I saw this headline in the British Medical Journal:

Mr Buckley’s exploding trousers and other scientific observations
Mr. Buckley. So stoic. And the Buckley death stare – oh baby. I’ll make scientific observations of those exploding trousers any day.

Jorge says:

I never thought I would ever read about ‘neuticals’ again. Had a conversation with a vet a few years ago about those.


Beth says:

Why were you talking with a vet about neuticals, Jorge? Please say it was for your dog…

Jorge says:

They were for me!
I like having an extra pair hanging around just in case.

Seriously, she just brought it up in conversation because she thought it was funny.

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