Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{September 11, 2005}   Feedback!!

Finally got some feedback from my supervisor that I’ve been waiting for! And she actually seems to like my paper [insert sigh of relief here!]… she gave me some suggested changes to work on over the weekend (which are soooo much better to work on than stupid formatting!) and we are meeting tomorrow morning to go over the Discussion, which needs to be tightened up a little (imagine that, *me*, of all people, talking too much!)

Also, I met with a friend of mine last week (who, coincidentally, is a post doc in the lab of Dr. Beth Simpson (no relation)) to ask advice on how to find a post doc position. She was very helpful and I’m actually going to send out some emails to people whose labs I’d like to work in… scary! Wish me luck!

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