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{August 22, 2005}   Why I Am Afraid to Finish My Thesis…

The other day, I received these 14 letters in the mail:

The letters are pretty much identical, telling me that the Royal Bank, to whom I owe millions of dollars and my first born in student loans, has changed some system, so all my student loans have different account numbers now. Instead of sending me one letter saying account numbers “A, B, C…” have been changed to “X, Y, Z…” they sent 14 separate letters! 14 envelopes, 14 stamps and 28 pieces of paper! And what’s more, I already knew about this because I got an electronic message in my online banking telling me the same thing.

But what really annoys me is that it interferes with my strict policy of completely shutting any thoughts of how much money I owe out of my head. If I were to think about how much money I’ve borrowed to be able to go to school for the last decade, I’d surely jump off a bridge. And knowing that the time when I will actually have to start dealing with this crushing debt is fast approaching is a scary proposition indeed.

Does anyone know of any good post doc positions that pay six figure salaries?


Jorge says:

You should send them back and switch all the contents around.

That’ll learn ’em.

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