Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{August 18, 2005}   Update

OK, so I now have a draft of chapter 1 that I’m happy enough with to have others read. It’s been a long haul writing it (it’s over 60 pages now!) and I have been entrenched in it for so long that I can’t even see straight when I try to read it, so here’s hoping that it’s OK!

So, here’s where I’m at now:

a draft of chapter 1
a final version of chapter 2
a draft of chapter 3
next step: write chapter 4

I’m not expecting chapter 4 to take me as long to write (I mostly have what I want to say in my head and it won’t be nearly as long as the lit review), so I really should just dive right into it (as I know I have a terrible habit of not being able to start a new chapter once I finish a previous one).


Jorge says:

Go Beth!

Got here from Dave’s.

Did your checkmark system.

Will read more later.

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