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{July 9, 2005}   Thesis Outline

Thesis Outline

Chapter 1: Literature Review

  1. Fetal Programming/Fetal Origins of Adult Disease
  2. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  3. Growth Retardation
    1. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical
    2. Causes (Ethanol, Malnutrition, Genetic Disorders, other teratogens (smoking, caffeine??)) – compare & contrast

  4. Fetal Bone Development
    1. Endochondral vs. Intramembranous
    2. Stages of Endochondral Bone Development
    3. Factors Regulating Endochondral Bone Development

  5. Calcium Regulation
    1. normal
    2. during pregnancy
    3. fetal

  6. Animal Models
    1. Animal Models of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
      1. pros & cons of different methods of E administration
      2. comparing animal models to humans (BAC issue; trimester issue?)

    2. Animal Models of Fetal Bone Development
      1. pros & cons of different species

  7. Thesis Objectives

    Chapter 2: Dose Response Paper

    Chapter 3: Histology Paper

    Chapter 4: Discussion

    1. Discussion and conclusions relating manuscript chapters to each other and to the discipline or field of study
    2. Strengths/limitations
    3. Future Directions
      1. Elucidating Mechanisms (immunohistochemistry; DNA microarry, intramembranous ossification, calcium supplementation/deficiency)
      2. Biomarker for alcohol exposure for diagnosis of ARND (how specific is the bone effect? how sensitive?)
      3. Fetal programming (potential for long term effects)
      4. Bone fracture repair?
      5. Calcification of the artery during atherosclerosis recapitulates endochondral ossification – would ethanol affect it?


    1. figures not included in Dose Response Paper
    2. figures not included in Histology Paper (if any)
    3. Animal Care certificates

      {July 9, 2005}   Progress So Far

      Since I’m starting this blog after starting the actual thesis writing, I should probably give some background. I’m working on a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

      My thesis will consist of four chapters:

      1. Literature Review – outline drafted (on a beach in Santa Barbara), awaiting supervisor’s feedback
      2. Dose Response Study – already completed
      3. Histology Study – 3/4 of 1st draft written
      4. Discussion – outline drafted (on a beach in Santa Barbara), awaiting supervisor’s feedback

      OK, now you are up-to-speed. Lucky you. I better get back to work on the discussion for chapter 3. Yeesh.

      OK, so I’m gonna try this whole blogging thing out. But since I have absolutely nothing to say, I’m going with a theme blog (you know, like the guy whose blog consists of photos of every meal he eats). A “writing-my-thesis” blog. Probably the first ever thesis writing themed blog. There’s probably a good reason for that too.

      This is not just an elaborate procrastinating project… doing this when I should actually just be writing the damned thesis. No, really. I’m not procrastinating. You’re procrastinating.

      et cetera